Handbell Exploration

Embark on a vibrant musical journey! This introductory course explores the enchanting realm of handbells, guiding you through playful techniques and the magic of handbell music. Set sail on an exciting voyage that serves as your introduction to the joyous world of handbell exploration

Engage in lively sessions designed to ignite your passion, unlock the secrets of basic handbell techniques, and leave you with the skills to create musical magic. Get ready to embrace the joyous surprises that await you in every moment of this resonant journey as you discover the artistry and harmony within the world of handbells.

Individuals aged 6 and above, eager to explore the enchanting world of handbells.

1 hour

Cost CAD35

Ringing 101

Embark on a formal handbell learning journey accompanied by delightful music. Explore diverse handbell techniques that lay a solid foundation for future exploration and musical adventures.

Build your skills from the ground up by using level 1 handbell music as a foundation. Engage in practical sessions focusing on fundamental handbell techniques while enjoying the reinforcement of your learning through the exploration of a few engaging songs.

Open to individuals aged 6 and above seeking a comprehensive introduction to the world of handbells. Suitable for beginners and enthusiasts of all ages.

1 hour x 4 sessions

Cost CAD135

Junior Handbell Ensemble - Ringing in the Fun!​

Unleash the joyous chimes with our Junior Handbell Ensemble—a musical playground where fun is the key note! Discover the joy of playing handbells and learn cool tricks to make your music sparkle on stage.

Get ready for a musical adventure! We’ll teach you awesome handbell moves and help you play as an ensemble. Learn to make music together to be! and shine on stage. It’s all about making music magic from start to finish!

Children aged 6 to 11 who have explored handbells/ handchimes already. If you’re ready for a blast of fun and want to dive into the excitement of making music together, this is the place to be!

1 hour x 12 weeks

Cost CAD400

Youth Handbell Ensemble - Strive for Excellence, Ring for Success!

Elevate your musical journey with our Youth Handbell Ensemble—where the pursuit of excellence harmonizes with every ring. Join us to refine your skills, set a high standard, and create melodies that resonate with the sweet sound of success.

Indulge in a crescendo of musical finesse! Refine your skills to virtuoso levels, mastering each handbell technique for an exquisite performance. Elevate the art of teamwork in collective performances, harmonizing interpretations collaboratively to ensure a sophisticated display of virtuosity and seamless teamwork.

Designed for individuals aged 11 to 18 with a foundational handbell playing background who are earnestly committed to the enriching journey of refining their handbell performance skills. Join us and be part of our group to pursue musical excellence and friendship.

1.5 hour x 12 weeks


Cost CAD600

Adult Handbell Ensemble - Harmonies of Friendship and Fun

Experience the symphony of social fun and friendship with our Adult Handbell Ensemble. Beyond the bells, discover the joy of making music together, creating a harmonious community where every chime is a celebration of connection.

Immerse yourself in the joy of music with our Adult Handbell Ensemble—a unique blend of social fun and soothing melodies. Beyond refining handbell skills, we focus on building a supportive community. Led by experienced instructors, everyone, from beginners to seasoned players, contributes to the ensemble’s brilliance. Join us for an 8-week journey where the magic of handbells goes beyond music, incorporating joy, relaxation, and social connection. Experience a well-rounded musical adventure that nurtures friendships long after the final chime.

This course is designed for adults seeking a harmonious blend of musical exploration and social engagement. Whether you are a seasoned handbell player or just starting, join our ensemble to refine your skills and build connections in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. No prior handbell experience is required; all skill levels are welcome.

1.5 hour x 8 weeks

Cost CAD400


Opt for handbells—a beginner-friendly percussion instrument designed for group play, fostering collaborative musical art. Distinguished from individual instruments, handbells promote coordination, teamwork, and the creation of beautiful music. Learning handbells impart musical knowledge, refines social skills, and builds trust. Elevate your musical journey with the unique harmony of handbells!

Anyone with an interest in music can learn handbells, spanning from 3 years old to 80! Various types of handbell instruments are tailored to suit different age groups, ensuring a harmonious learning experience for everyone.

Playing handbells in a group enhances personal confidence, social skills, and body coordination through teamwork and mutual assistance. The rhythmic and coordinated movements required in handbell playing contribute to improved physical coordination, providing a holistic and enjoyable learning experience.

No, you can start learning handbells from scratch without any music experience. The instructor will teach you from basic rhythms, reading sheet music, playing techniques, to interpreting music. You can also gain musical knowledge through the learning process.

Handbells are percussion instruments, and mastering the beat is crucial. You can practice at home using various tools to improve playing techniques, interpret music, and enhance your musical sense through listening to music.

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