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We offer comprehensive handbell services, including instrument maintenance and repairs, handbell education, campus development programs, and performance demonstrations.
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About Us

With over two decades of handbell education experience.

Canada Handbell Service is the Canadian branch of the Hong Kong Handbell Academy. With 20 years of history in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Handbell Academy is dedicated to providing handbell education and training, handbell instrument sales and maintenance, and campus development programs. Over the past two decades, we have nurtured over 8,000 handbell performers in Hong Kong. The opening of our Toronto branch in Canada is an extension of this mission, aiming to promote handbell education and offer more people the opportunity to experience the myriad variations of handbell music artistry.



Indeed, having good equipment is essential to produce good music.


Suitable for individuals aged 8 and above for performance.

Suitable for individuals aged 6 and above for performance.

Suitable for kids beginners who are learning to play handbells.

Suitable for children aged four and above who are beginners in learning to play handbells.

Clear tones suitable for ensemble or solo performances.

The 7th octave of low bells.

Designed for soloists or to complement handbell ensemble performances.

Delicate tones, suitable for individuals aged six and above to play.


Maintenance Services

Handbell Refurbishment Program

Properly maintaining your musical instrument not only allows it to perform at its best but also extends its lifespan.



Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, continuous learning is the best way to enhance our playing skills. This holds true for individuals and ensembles alike. We offer a variety of online and offline courses to cater to these needs.

  • Handbell Class
  • Youth Ensemble
  • Masterclass
  • Conductor Workshop
  • Solo Coaching
  • Ensemble Consultation
"I have been studying handbells for five years and have never experienced such a love for music. Thank you to the academy for their teaching."
Tim Wong
" Best music school ever... "
“Understanding the wonders of music through group collaboration, learning the beauty of harmonizing with others, will be a lifelong benefit.”
Jessie Lee
“The ten-year journey of learning handbells has broadened my musical horizons, making it much more enjoyable than practicing alone on the piano.”
Mandy Ng



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