Handbells offer a diverse range of performance styles. In addition to ensemble performances, they can also be played in small groups or as solos. The unique tonal quality of handbell instruments makes them suitable for collaboration with various other instruments such as choirs, violins, cellos, flutes, guitars, organs, brass instruments, percussion, and even orchestras.

Handbell music can enrich your events, bringing a distinctive form of performing arts and adding vibrancy to your occasions. We can arrange the following types of performances for you:

Ensemble Performances

A group of 10 to 14 ringers, performing with a 3 to 7-octave set of handbells, crafts diverse musical textures, captivating the audience and creating an impressive atmosphere.

Small Group Performances

Small handbell groups include 2 to 6 performers, which is suitable for music for 2-4 octaves. Each performer must play several handbells simultaneously and finish their performance with perfect cooperation and graceful postures.

Solo Performances

Handbell soloist use 1 to 3 octaves set handbell or a handbell tree to perform with piano or MMO accompaniment. Solo performance is feathered with the graceful posture of the handbell ringer.

We welcome your invitations to perform at your events, gatherings, or concerts. Please contact us, and we will work closely with you to accommodate your requests, organize the performance, and handle related arrangements. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable and enjoyable performance experience.

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