Canada Handbell Service

Canada Handbell Service (CHS) is the Canada handbell resource and training center and established in 2023 by the experienced handbell expert Ms. Emily Li.CHS is aimed to promote handbell music and raise its recognition among local community as a form a performing art with educational value, through professional training and performing. 

Bringing our 20 years of handbell education experience from Hong Kong to Canada, we not only offer handbell instrument sales and maintenance services, but we also continue to provide:

  • Handbell Education and Training: We are committed to promoting handbell education and providing training programs for individuals, schools, and organizations in Canada.
  • Campus Development Programs: We collaborate with educational institutions and communities to develop handbell programs and workshops that enrich the cultural and musical experiences of students and participants.
  • Performance Opportunities: We strive to create platforms and opportunities for handbell performers to showcase their talents and share the joy of handbell music with audiences across Canada.

By combining our expertise and passion for handbells, we aim to expand the reach of handbell music in Canada and inspire more people to embrace the art and beauty of handbell ringing.

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