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With nearly 50 years of experience in handbell instrument manufacturing, Malmark Bellcraftsmen® stands as one of the extensively utilized handbell brands in North America. We are privileged to be their representative in Canada, providing you with professional sales services. Our aim is to provide tailored purchasing solutions, offer multifaceted expert advice, and significantly alleviate the challenges of establishing a handbell team.

With years of accumulated experience, our handbells are meticulously crafted from hand-drawn patterns. Handbells are cast from pure bronze in approximate proportions of 80% copper and 20% tin, undergoing a multi-stage casting process. The resulting handbells, combined with thoughtfully designed striking elements, have evolved through years of innovative refinement to achieve a state of perfection. This journey has led Malmark to become a representative of handbell craftsmanship for a generation.
In the hands of Malmark artisans, raw bronze is transformed into exquisite instruments with beautiful and pure tones. When struck by the hands of a ringer, this beauty is unleashed, resonating with delightful music that inspires humanity.

Handbell (2-7½ Octaves)

The range of handbells can extend to 7½ octaves, producing clear and melodious sounds. Various handbell performance techniques offer distinctive sounds, creating layers of music. Techniques such as ringing, plucking, martellato, thumb damping, and shaking are prominent in handbell playing. Handbells can be played individually or in conjunction with other instruments like the violin, flute, organ, brass quintet, or even with an orchestra.
Handbells are versatile instruments that accommodate both solo and ensemble performances. They can be played by a single ringer or in a small group. Handbell playing is suitable for children over seven years old, making it an excellent instrument for young learners.

Handchime (2-6 Octaves)

Handchimes are typically made of aluminum and are usually available in a 6-octave range. They share similar arrangements and performing techniques with handbells. Handchimes produce a soft and mellow sound, adding a gentle touch to the music. They can be played individually or in an ensemble, enriching the textures and layers of the musical performance.

Due to their lightweight nature, handchimes are well-suited for children over 6 years old, making them an ideal instrument for young learners. Many schools begin their handbell training with handchimes as they provide an accessible and engaging introduction to the world of handbell music.

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